Looking back on my experience with Drakyi Timberline Moxie I feel that my co-ownership was a liability in terms of temperament and breeding quality. Drakyi Timberline Moxie's COI is listed at 23.81%, yet she has the same grandfather (Timberline's Barni Drakyi @ 27.07 % COI) and great grandfather (Drakyi Timberline's Gus @ 31.1 % COI)on both sides. I found this article about epilepsy and it mentions Gus: Scroll down to Timberline Black Jack aka Colby and Timberline Angus I lost both financially and emotionally and she did not turn out to be what I would like in my breeding program. She was the smallest girl I have had to date, average bone, and did not possess the head or muzzle I wish to reproduce. Because of my experience and what I have learned I think that "show-breeders" will use unsuspecting people to shift any responsibility to the co-owner. In other words; if the litters produce puppies with health issues that could be damaging to their reputation, the blame is then shifted to primary owner, (generally the co-owner) when in reality, they are an innocent victim thinking a big, long time breeder is "helping them along"! Don't do it! Being friends with this long time and "show breeders" can be devastating as I found out.

Generally, I believe, it is best to steer clear of breeders who "showcase" themselves and their dogs photographed in unnatural settings. As a digital artist I know the possibilities of photo alterations. I have met a couple of breeders like this. One barely reaching my chin in height. When someone like this is photographed next to their dogs; they have the "appearance" of being much larger than they really are. This is just one example; the list goes on and on. We all know that when it comes to digital alterations - the possibilities are endless!

Going to shows I was surprised to discover that "show people" will use products to alter the color and thickness of the dog's coat. Tibetan Mastiffs are to be shown in their natural coats but this doesn't seem to be the case. Again, I think that people who make a "living" off selling puppies will go to extremes for "appearances"

"Blaming the victim" is prevalent within the Tibetan Mastiff community. These are my thoughts based on my experiences with "Show breeders". I believe they want to "get rid of the competition". It is driven by jealousy, money, and self promotion. I would definitely stay clear of "show breeders" because of what I have learned from them personally. "Show breeders will be very nice to 'newbies," but they are cut-throat; just like the movie "Best in Show"! They enlist new people who are wanting to get in the breed to spread rumors about others and promise them things that they will not honor. It is very disgusting to see how people treat others.

Show breeders will promise you the world to co-own. They are just looking for someone to use shall we say as a "incubator". They may give you the dog but they retain ultimate control over the dog, in some cases, breeding it, then taking it back for whelping while reaping the profits from the puppies.

Some things to think about. I hope that I can save someone else the time, money and heart ache that I went through. Number one thing to remember is that as the co-owner you ultimately are responsible for anything that can go wrong. These long time show breeders seem to live by - "Profit is sweet, even if it comes from deception."

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